A typical, hyperactive 8 year old girl. Sid's little sister, loved by all. MORE INFO...

Comics: 27
Recent Appearance: 187 Blood Halo
First Appearance: 14 Babysitting

Age: 8 Height: 4′ Eyes: Light Blue Sign: Gemini

A typical happy eight year old. She’s quite bossy, hyperactive and loud. Ellie has a very short attention span but is highly determined. She’s been known to have tantrums if she doesn’t get her way. Despite her more immature traits she’s very affectionate and loyal. She plays up for Sid’s friends, but usually feels out of her depth.

Family Ellie’s father is a successful businessman. Her mother is an air hostess. Sid is her older brother, who she looks up to. Ellie’s parents are unreliable in every way except financial support. They are always travelling, leaving Sid and Ellie to fend for themselves. On the few occasions that her father passes through he’s usually too occupied with business matters to pay attention to Ellie. CMO56

Friends: Ellie is oddly mature at school and doesn’t have friends of her own age. She loves Sid’s friends though and has a strange semi-crush on Francis. She has a very strong bond with Sophie as a sister figure. Sophie was more present during Ellie’s upbringing than Ellie’s own mother, so Ellie’s socially somewhat confused. Recently she’s made “secret friends” with a dangerous monkey that escaped from the Zoo. CMO51 / CMO56