Bubbly, outgoing and creative. The heart of the group. Always positive and the first to jump in. MORE INFO...

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: 169 Drawing A Line
First Appearance: 25 BOOM

Age: 18 Height: 5’2” Eyes: Dark Brown Sign: Gemini

Melody is very active and works in her parents health food store as well as a local video & game store. She grew up going to environmental, human and animal rights campaigns, and believes strongly in the difference a single person can make. Left school at 16 to start afresh, thinks experience of the world is more important than academic qualifications.

Bubbly in personality, and with big ideas. Unfortunately somewhat lacking in common sense, but she makes up for it in enthusiasm. Everyone loves Melody!


Family: Her parents are very close. The whole family is very openly emotional. They work together in their store as well as campaigning together. Her parents have been arrested on multiple occasions at protests. She keeps pet rats.

Friends: Had a two year relationship with Francis from the ages 15-17, but broke it off after a complicated and messy chain of events. She’s good friends with the gang but has never understood Sid.