Young and stupid, friendly but oblivious. Francis is the uncoolest, or the coolest from a certain perspective. MORE INFO...

Comics: 128
Recent Appearance: 189 Wake Up
First Appearance: 01 A New Beginning

Age: 18 Height: 5’8” Eyes: Blue Sign: Scorpio

“My life sucked. Everything was looking pretty boring until she turned up.”

From a typical working class family, never really got on well with his parents. A bit of a failure at school, he’s still quite popular in certain circles. As dramatic and dumb as he is, he never really causes much trouble. Goes to a lot of local gigs and clubs, looking to meet someone (he’s quite needy).

Nowhere near as cool as he’d like to think. He’s laughed at a lot, and is actually quite insecure. He makes no effort to hide his geekier side though, and hangs out almost exclusively with Sid.

Family: Francis’ father is a sleazy, corrupt cop. (Sgt. Kershaw) He’s never got on well with his dad, who had been separated from his mother for some years before she was seemingly killed (CMO11). He never saw eye to eye with his mother (Jemima) either, a charity worker with little time for him. He is an only child.

Friends: Sid has been Francis’ best friend since early childhood. They get up to all sorts of geeky hi-jinks. Francis met Melody when 15 and had a two year relationship with her which ended messily. (CMO39) Despite the break-up they now get on amicably.

Francis is a favourite of Ellie‘s. He has an indifference and certain level of rivalry towards Sophie, who’s always been somewhat negative towards him.