#5 – Love & Distraction (NSFW!)

Facts/Trivia: This was initially the first animated page. Before I went back and replaced animating pages as they don’t really work on me.

Again I tried to make it somewhat clear that Sid is supposed to be perceived as CIS-male. Apparently people would rather think he’s a geeky lesbian. Girl Sid fan-art still kept happened.

This is simultaneously a favourite (cheesecake) and a least favourite of mine. (objectification of Anna before she’s properly established, out of character nonsense on Sid’s part) – it’s frustrating as it says a lot about Francis’ hopeless romantic personality, but Sid is not actually a total horndog moron. That is more of a Gogo thing.

2004 Variant:

2015 (not even remotely canon) Variant:

Dat ass? There’s a time and a place, and I don’t think this is either.

2018 Variant:

This one makes more sense as it at least shows Sid’s weird tastes better. Also, breaking the 4th wall? Doesn’t really work in CMO most of the time. I got better!