Part time librarian, part time alternative model, sarcastic, aloof, and pre-occupied. MORE INFO...

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: 189 Wake Up
First Appearance: 14 Babysitting

Age: 20 Height: 5’6” Eyes: Deep Blue Sign: Leo 

“… What are you looking at?”

Dresses in a provocative, extroverted dark/goth way and runs an amateur modelling site. Misunderstood by most who assume she’s something she isn’t. Sophie is two years older than Francis. She managed to cram her higher education into a single year, and has since jumped from job to job, finally settling as a part time librarian. The Matthews family has always trusted her to babysit Ellie. She’s quite cutting and hateful at the best of times and loves little more than a good argument.

Somewhat aloof.. Seems to be off in her own little world most of the time. Nobody really gets what she’s about, and she doesn’t make any effort to explain.


Family: Her father left while her mother was pregnant. Sophie isn’t interested in tracking him down. Her mother is an overburdened social worker and never had much time for her despite good intentions.

Friends: Melody is her closest friend. Sophie doesn’t make friends easily but gets on fine with the gang. Ellie brings out her maternal side and she’s actually quite protective and mushy around her. Sophie has found herself getting increasingly close to Sid.