Page 1 has seen more iterations than any other single strip. Setting the stage is much easier when you know what you’re setting it for!

Here Anna looks much more like she did in the proto-cmo comics. Francis smokes? Huh. Gogo and Sid are on point, though Sid is blue? I have no idea what the arm ribbon Anna used to wear meant. I knew it was “future important” but i dropped it before it got a future to be important in!

2015 variant.. (the timestamp lies) Trying to bridge things between 3/4 panel gag strips and plot-focused hero’s journey is a tough call and something that I’d eventually pivot toward the latter, trying to make things more consistent.

It seemed helpful to show Francis’ family home as small and uninspiring.. It’s an ex council house on a housing estate.

2018 – I’ve updated with a new higher resolution variant, replacing the chapter heading. It was literally the ONLY time a chapter heading was mentioned in the original run, and the “chapters” were entirely arbitrarily picked. Now it’s more of a book than a chapter; All That Was