Mysterious, brilliant exchange student with a shady past. MORE INFO...

Comics: 82
Recent Appearance: 189 Wake Up
First Appearance: 04 Somebody Shoot Me

Age: 18 Height: 5’5” Eyes: Green Sign: Libra

“I left my country to get away from all this weirdness!”

Anna’s difficulties at home made her an ideal candidate for her school’s overseas placement program. She pulled strings and made it happen against the wishes of her family. From a privileged background, her education has been extensive. Privately tutored in classical music, art, dance and various languages, she’s multi-lingual, creative and one of her school’s greatest achievers.

Anna has a shady past and unusual relationship with her family and their staff. She wants nothing more than to distance herself from them and their activities.

Family: Originally Anna said her parents died it a series of accidents (CMO4). It seems she was lying, and recent events suggest they want her back home. (CMO72 & CMO74) She considers Gogo family as he’s always been by her side. (CMO67)

Friends: Anna has quickly forged friendships with Francis and Sid. She is particularly close to Francis, inviting him to stay at her house and talking all night. (CMO67)