Snarky and powerful "pet" and companion to Anna. Thinks he's a god, can change form. MORE INFO...

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: 146 Oh God
First Appearance: 08 Clarity

Age: 15 Billion Height: ~1′ Eyes: Beady Sign: N/A

“Say hello to your supreme ruler!”

His exact origin is currently unknown, and everything he says may be a load of rubbish. He claims to be a god. When pink fire-breathing dinosaurs start telling you things, you don’t question it. His affection and loyalty towards Anna is obvious, and he sticks by her side through thick and thin.

He has a history with Anna’s family and Dr Lexima. Anna has been his best friend her entire life.

Family: Unknown. Anna has been his only family for 18 years. CMO67

Friends: Though he likes to think he’s above such things, he’s become friends with the whole gang. He’s infatuated with Sophie, and thinks Ellie is sweet. CMO21 She reminds him of Anna as a child.